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Doors nowadays can be opened using a variety of ways. One of these methods is the panic bar, also known as the crash bar or push bar. Originally conceived as a way to quickly open a door during emergencies by simply pushing, panic bars now serve as one of the primary methods of locking and opening a door. The way it works is simple: a pushable metal bar is attached to the door. Once pushed, the bar unlatches the door, allowing you to unlock and open the door in a single motion.

It’s unlikely that you’ve never seen a panic bar on a door. Due to the ease of which you can lock and open doors with this mechanism, it is commonly used in doors which are required emergency exits since it allows for quick and easy access without slowing down traffic at all especially during the case of an evacuation.

At Silverline Security Locksmiths, our goal is to provide you with panic bars that provide you all the efficiency of opening and security that we are known for. Though panic bars are usually mandated to be fitted to emergency doors, the ease of usage makes them an ideal choice for many buildings and shops. With our top-quality locks, the panic bars fitted to your doors will be as secure as a safe, allowing you the peace of mind that your business contains the highest security, and as an added bonus, the people that pass through your doors will enjoy a door that opens with something as simple as a push.

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