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Locks are an incredibly important part of your home. It helps keep your home and your belongs safe and secure. Most people are out and about constantly, so having a strong lock allows you to have peace of mind whenever you’re away from home. With this much importance on your lock, knowing how to keep your locks strong can make a huge difference in the long run in maintaining the security of your home.

Check your door position

Though it may seem to be inconsequential, the position of your door can damage your lock over time if it is in the wrong position. Doors that are hanging downward can eventually break locks over time due to the constant and unyielding force. Even though it may not seem like it should do much, this constant weight will eventually take a toll on your locks. If you’re noticing grinding or rubbing when you turn your key in your lock, this could be a sign that your door is somewhat out of position and needs to be fixed.

Use clean keys

The inside mechanisms of a lock generally require precise maneuvering to open, and when you use dirty, grimy keys, the dirt on the keys can transfer inside your lock as you’re opening it. Over time, this can jam up the mechanisms in the lock, causing damage and making it difficult to function properly. Wipe down your keys and keep them clean. Your lock may thank you in the future.

Don’t force the lock

We’ve all run into moments where the lock is harder to open than usual, and in frustration we turn the key harder than we probably should. Instead, try using gentle, but constant force to open up so that you don’t damage the inside of the lock or bend your keys. If your lock still isn’t working, it may be time to simply call your locksmith of choice.

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